I completed year-long makeup courses, but I still couldn’t put my knowledge into a cohesive whole. Did you also have this experience? I’m sure you did! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Do you want to learn how to do makeup and hairstyles using practical knowledge from effective courses with experienced teachers and hear feedback from grateful clients?

Then welcome to The Beauty Library!

About Me

Hello! My name is Anna Salalaika. Twenty years ago, I moved to Belgium. For most of my time here, I worked in my field as an economist. But after many years, I decided that I’ve had enough of economics – I finally wanted to live for myself! And I remembered the real me – a little girl who stole cosmetics from her mother and loved to do makeup. The girl has since grown noticeably, but she has not grown out of her love for makeup. So, I went back to school.

I studied in Belgium for a year, but when I finished my classes, I realized that there was no point in continuing because over the course of my studies, I had gotten even more confused. I got neither the full picture of how everything fits together nor the necessary skills which I could apply practically.

When you have the appropriate knowledge, you know what to do and all that is needed is practice.

I, however, felt that I had many different puzzle pieces in my hands, but they did not add up to a whole picture. Nevertheless, I clearly knew that things could be better, that there should be information somewhere in the world that would put my puzzles together. And I began my journey to find it.

I went to the Russian-speaking community because I saw that the level of services there was much higher. In the post-Soviet countries, the beauty sector originated much earlier and had already managed to establish itself.

In Europe, on the other hand, everything is just beginning to emerge.

I have taken a lot of different courses. Among them, alas, were those that did not add anything to my knowledge. But after years of searching for information on my own, I was finally able to put my picture together bit by bit. I felt like a gold digger who, sifting through the sand, finds grains of gold.

Below, you can compare my work at the beginning of my journey to now:

Old works
old work
New works
new work

What Does Makeup mean to me?

Makeup is not only about beauty – it’s also about self-confidence. It’s about your internal state, about your current mood, about your self-expression. Every woman sees herself differently, and every woman can express herself differently.

Makeup is about happiness every day.

If you want to express yourself through make-up and know how to do it, that’s a big plus. And such knowledge is worth possessing.

My Mission

As a professional makeup artist, I want to improve the quality of services in Europe. After all, as in any other profession, being a makeup artist involves constant growth, training, and professional development. There is no limit to excellence. We must continue to learn constantly. I want to see more professionals emerge in Europe because a makeup artist is a friend of a makeup artist.

Also, makeup artists can serve each other. I also want to be able to come to an awesome specialist as a client and get some chic makeup. To be honest, it is still quite difficult to find makeup artists whose quality of service can meet my expectations. In short, my mission is to offer only the best training to specialists and only the best service to customers.

What came out of this?

I’ve gathered quite a lot of information, and I don’t want to just put it “in a box”. Therefore, I have selected the best courses for you and translated them. You do not need, as I once did, to independently search for the best information by trial and error. Everything has already been compiled and made available. The only thing you need to do is choose your desired course, pay for it, and start learning online – at a time and pace that is convenient for you. I believe that in our day and age, online learning is the future. It’s convenient, practical, and modern.

What am I Offering?

I am offering an online makeup, hair, and brow tutorial library for both professional beauticians and newbies. Furthermore, our database will continue expanding to include courses in all spheres of the beauty sector. I don’t like to stand still.

In order to make it easier to choose the right course for you, I came up with a special test. You will need to answer a few questions, after which you will receive recommendations from the system for specific courses which may fit your needs.

Our site presents a variety of different speakers, and each student will be able to choose a master of her own liking. All of our speakers are constantly improving and developing their skills in order to keep up with the latest trends, while at the same time not forgetting about the classics. I chose only the best!

If you already have a clear idea of what you want, I suggest you try the first lesson of any course for a nominal fee of only €5.

This amount will subsequently be deducted from the total cost of the selected course.

I promise that after completing our training, you will have enough knowledge to start practicing with a complete picture in mind.

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