Return and Refund policy


1. The agreement between the provider and the client, which is established at the time of the purchase of the performance or service offered by the provider via the platform, can be revoked by the client (customer) in accordance with the article  VI.47 and following WER. This provides for a right of withdrawal that can be exercised within 14 calendar days and this by means of a written notification (for example by email), in which the client clearly and irrevocably states that he wishes to withdraw from the agreement. The notification of the decision to revoke must reach the provider within the aforementioned period of 14 calendar days. Any refund of fees paid will be made by the provider within a reasonable period of time.

2. Upon receipt and use by the client of the login giving access to the requested/ordered content on the platform, the client accepts the delivery of the performance or service and agrees that the agreement has been performed and complied with and the client waives the right of withdrawal.

3. When choosing a performance or service that extends over a longer period, whether or not in a subscription formula offered, the agreement cannot be terminated earlier by the client. A cancellation/termination during the course of the agreement cannot give rise to or open the right to any refund.

4. The provider is allowed to terminate the performance or service immediately and without prior notice if the client fails  – in accordance with these general terms and conditions – to comply with his/her obligations, or in case of abuse. The client cannot claim any compensation in this regard.

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