Hairstylist Basic

This training will be the steppingstone for a successful start in the beauty industry!
Immerse yourself in a new profession.

For whom?

For those who dream of changing their profession and becoming a hairstylist from scratch – to be able to do beautiful haircuts and hairstyles, work in a salon or for themselves, and have a stable, high income.

Why our school?

Our trainers are leading hairstylists, currently working, in-demand masters, and effective coaches.

What will you get out of it?

Step by step, from simple to complex, you will master the basic skills and learn how to create beautiful haircuts and styles throughout the course.

With proper time management, you can earn much more than the average salary.

Knowledge is power, but it means little without the ability to put it into practice. Therefore, we paid special attention to the practical part of this course.

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