Basic makeup artist course for beginners

Tatiana Kosovan

28 online lessons + notes

Theory + practice

A complete coloristics course

A certificate is issued upon completion

3 month-access to the course materials

How is the course organized?

There are 28 lessons in total, which is more than 16 hours of video content.

Participants independently watch 3 video lessons every week and then perform practical tasks.

Detailed notes and homework assignments are provided for each lesson.

A certificate is issued at the end of the course.

All of the training takes place online. All video lessons are pre-recorded.

Course Syllabus

Makeup Theory 6 video lessons

Lesson 1
Introduction to the profession. What is a makeup artist? What does it mean to be a professional? The key to success – how to break into the profession. What can you become? Makeup artists of the world. School of make-up. Steps of makeup application.

Lesson 2
Materials science and tools. Classification of cosmetic brands. A makeup artist’s desk. Tools and brushes. Disinfection and care.

Lesson 3
Skin types and care. Make-up removal and preparation of skin for makeup.

Lesson 4
The structure of the face. Anatomy. Three section types: horizontal, vertical, parallel. Proportions. Linearity. Relief. Correction tools: shadow, partial shadow, light. Face types. Correction methods.

Lesson 5
Facial details.
Eyebrows: structure, rules for correction, methods and products for shaping, color.
Eyes: structure, correction methods.
Lips: shapes, correction methods.

Lesson 6
Shading. Shading rules and shading practice.

Coloristics 8 video lessons

Lesson 7
The color wheel. Characteristics and properties of color: hue, lightness, saturation.

Lesson 8
Color temperature.

Lesson 9 & 10
Color mixing. Color neutralization rules. Practice.

Lesson 11
Harmony and combinations of colors.

Lesson 12

Lesson 13 & 14
Coloristic analysis of appearance. Appearance types and their features. Temperature and contrast in natural color.

Practice 13 video lessons

Working with skin, selection of products for skin preparation. Tone selection: texture, color. Working with adjusters, tone, correction, coloring, skin preparation. Light-shadow correction.

Lesson 15
Nude make-up. Shaping the eye with a pencil eyeliner.

Lesson 16
Classic evening makeup. Shaping of the eye.

Lesson 17
Evening make-up with cream-based makeup products.

Lesson 18
Intense black Smokey Eyes.

Lesson 19
Eyeliner arrows. Principles of composition for different eye shapes.

Lesson 20
Hollywood. Eyeliner arrows + red lips.

Lesson 21
Eyeliner arrows + smokey eyes.

Lesson 22
Smokey keys over an eyeliner base

Lesson 23
Wedding makeup. Smokey eyes.

Lesson 24
Wedding makeup. Smokey eyes.

Lesson 25
Lifting makeup. Special features of lifting, features of creating a form, products used in lifting makeup.

Lesson 26
Lifting makeup. Evening option.

Lesson 27
Makeup for men.

Lesson 28
Makeup removal. Skin cleansing techniques.

Makeup Artist Basic Courses

Basic makeup artist course for beginners
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Basic makeup artist course for beginners
Tatiana Kosovan

28 online lessons + notes

Theory + practice

A complete coloristics course

Certificate issued upon course completion

3 month-access to course materials

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